Bargain hunters can find just about anything on Kijiji — jobs, used cars, slightly worn furniture and, as of Friday, a fighter jet for $1.5 million.

Ian Cotton from Red Deer, Alta. decided it was time to sell his 1986 Sea Harrier fighter jet and opted to post an ad on Kijiji. The rare aircraft, which was used by the Royal Navy and British Army, has been in his possession for the past five years.

While Kijiji may seem like an unconventional way to sell a fighter jet, Cotton is hoping his advertisement will reach new people. 

“I’m trying to reach out to people who wouldn’t normally be in the collectibles circle,” Cotton said.

“Maybe there’s somebody out there that’s got a few bucks extra and wants to get the ultimate toy. It’s just a different audience I think.”

Cotton has had an interest in fighter jets for years. He used to work for Rolls Royce in the United Kingdom working on the same engines found in the plane he is selling online. Today, his collection boasts six planes.

But it’s time to move on — at least from this specific jet, says Cotton.

“I think it’s probably time for another collector to take it over and maybe do some work on it.”

The aircraft is in perfect condition, Cotton says, and can be modified to fly.

Cotton says he has yet to receive any serious offers and has already had one fraudster try to purchase the plane.

The asking price is $1.5 million, but Cotton adds “everything is negotiable.”