RCMP in Fort Vermilion are looking for two men who they say were behind three separate child abduction and luring attempts in the past week.

Each alleged attack happened in a unique location and targeted separate victims ranging from elementary- to high school-aged, said police.

The first took place on June 5 near the Fort Vermilion Public School. In each case, the children were offered a ride home by the two men.

Staff sgt. Jeff Simpson said all of the potential victims made the right decision by refusing to get into the vehicles.

“I wouldn't say they were close calls, because the children and the youths involved knew enough to reject the ride and didn't recognize the individual. I think there could have been closer calls, especially if it would have been physical in nature.”

However, Simpson did say the attempted abductions were unusual given the town’s location.

“This town is essentially off the beaten path, it's not on a main throughway, it doesn't have a high amount of traffic that wouldn't be from the area or local to some extent,” he said.

RCMP are now asking for the public’s help in identifying the two suspects, and want to speak with anyone who may have more information.

One suspect is described as a Caucasian man in his 20s with a tall, slim build who may be wearing a red and black hat. He was last seen driving an older-model red pickup truck.

The second suspect is a Caucasian man in his 40s, who is described as chubby with a beard. He was last seen wearing a camouflage hat and jacket and driving an older-model blue pickup truck that may have been a GM.