Raw milk advocate withdraws support for Alta. co-op

A raw milk advocate who demonstrated at the Alberta Legislature on behalf of two Edmonton area farmers, says he no longer supports them.

Says dairy operation violates safety standards

A raw milk advocate who demonstrated at the Alberta Legislature on behalf of two Edmonton-area farmers, says he no longer supports them.

Michael Schmidt stood on the legislature steps Monday to support the right of dairy farmers Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlo to distribute raw milk.

But after a trip to their farm near Wildwood, Schmidt said he found two major violations of his organization's safety standards.

He found cows were not being checked for communicable diseases and sanitation levels at the farm not regularly tested.

That could potentially jeopardize the safety of the raw milk, said Schmidt.

He's not embarassed to have suported the farmers before personally checking out their operation, he said.

"It really didn't matter that this farm at the moment was not up to standard," he told CBC News. "I went there and I had to make that step. I still would have stood at the legislature, even knowing that this operation was not up to standard, because it's the principle of it."

"It's a food rights issue and that's why I went there."

Nobody who consumed raw milk from the farm has become ill, he said.

Schmidt said if the government started allowing raw milk to be sold, it could put regulations in place to ensure its safety.