The winter's unusual weather is keeping Edmonton autobody shops and tow truck companies busy.

"This winter has been really, really bad," said shop foreman Konrad Grzeszczak at Pride Automotive.

He said his shop is facing double the workload of last December.

"Right now we got I'd say roughly five or six cars just waiting for adjusters," Grzeszczak said "They're so busy we actually phone them up and ask them, 'When are you going to be here? Is there a specific time because I got this customer phoning me and asking me if the car is ready to be fixed.'"

"Most of the time they say, 'We'll get there as quick as we can. We're just overloaded this year with the amount of accidents.'"

The Alberta Motor Association has dealt with 20 per cent more crashes this past December compared to a year ago.

Don Szarko attributes the numbers to the freezes and thaws over the last two months.

"Every other week and a half we've had some sort of warming and freezing rain and then extreme cold and that creates a bad situation on the roadway."

Szarko and Grzeszczak both advise drivers to get winter tires and to slow down.