Loud sirens on emergency medical vehicles might be next on the City of Edmonton's hit list, if one councillor has her way.

Council officially approved a bylaw to muffle noisy motorcycles Wednesday, making it illegal to drive a bike that is louder than 96 decibels.

Now, Coun. Jane Batty wants the city to look at loud sirens on emergency vehicles, at least at night.

Batty said there has to be something Edmonton can do about the noise without compromising safety.

"During the day I personally can fully understand why they need to have their sirens on… they need to be heard, we need to hear them to pull over," she said.

"But I have a difficulty understanding why this happens at two, three, four and five in the morning and it's not just the sirens and the flashing lights, it's the air horns and so on."

Batty said the sirens could be turned down.

The issue will be discussed on June 14 when the council's community services committee meets.