The six-week-old puppies left in frigid temperatures are recovering at the Edmonton Humane Society. ((CBC))

One of five abandonedpuppies who spent a night in frigid temperatures outside the Edmonton dog pound is being treated for hypothermia.

The pit bull crosses, which are only six weeks old, spent the night outside before being foundThursday morning. Animal workers said the puppies are lucky to be alive.

"They really have a very short coat of fur and they're young and they don't have a lot of body mass," said Dianne Shannon of the Edmonton Humane Society.

"So to leave them out in the temperatures that we're experiencing right now—it was –30 with the wind chill — they're just not equipped to handle that kind of weather extreme and they were definitely in danger."

Shannon said she doesn't understand why someone would just dump the puppies outside when the humane society accepts first litters of puppies or kittens with no charge.

The puppies will be available for adoption after they've been spayed or neutered.