An Edmonton man was sentenced Thursday to 14 months in jail for abusing his own puppy.

Kristopher Barwell, 21, admitted to causing unnecessary pain and suffering to his four-month-old border collie, Zeus, in what the judge called a sickening case of abuse.

Barwell admitted he beat, punched and knelt on the dog. In addition to time in jail, Barwell is forbidden from owning a pet for at least 15 years. 

Neighbour Yvonne Scott reported Barwell to police after witnessing the abuse, including the night where Barwell pulled the puppy out of the bushes, knelt on it and then punched the dog repeatedly with a closed fist. 

"Awful. Awful, awful. A tiny little 20-pound dog. Innocent," Scott said outside court on Thursday. "Just cowering.  Awful."

Edmonton Humane Society spokeswoman Shawna Randolph said she was pleased with the judge's decision. 

"We wanted jail time, we wanted justice, we wanted payment for the abuse, for the torture that this dog endured," she said. 

“He was so incredibly broken, so horribly abused when he came to us and we wanted this to be a deterrent.”

Severely injured, dehydrated and malnourished

The puppy was rescued on Aug. 11 when Barwell's mother found it unresponsive on the floor of her home. Zeus was then taken to the Edmonton Humane Society.

The veterinarian found severe puncture wounds on the top of the dog's head and ear, burn marks around its neck from a rope or leash, chipped teeth which impeded its ability to eat, a lesion on its lip, and fractures in both rear legs that hadn't properly healed.

Zeus also had a severe blood infection, infected ears and pus oozing out of his eyes. Live maggots were found in wounds on the puppy's head and neck. The dog was malnourished and severely dehydrated.

The veterinarian wasn't sure that Zeus would survive given the extent of his injuries, but he did. Now named Kaden, which means warrior, the dog can walk and run and has been adopted into a new home. 

A visibly shaken Yvonne Scott said that the real victim in the case is the dog. However, she and her husband have since moved away from the neighbourhood because of what happened.