Voters in Alberta could see a longer breaks between municipal elections because of a new bill being introduced by the province this fall.

Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths is pushing the bill to have election terms extended to four years, saying the current three-year terms are too short.

"A lot of municipal councillors, they spend the first year in the new term learning the ropes on what to do," he said.

"They spend the next year getting stuff done and then the third year they're back into election mode and it's hard to get stuff done so, you only really get one out of every three years with active government."

Griffiths says the bill would also cover school board elections.

He says he has heard concerns about the change making civic politicians less accountable, but says many other provinces have four-year terms and haven’t had issues.

Griffiths also believes the switch could save millions of dollars.

"It saves more money, it makes municipal councillors more effective because they have time to get their job done."

If passed, the new bill would be in effect for the October 2013 elections.