The Alberta government says that it is committed to follow recommendations from a 2006 report on flood mitigation that wasn't released for six years.

Environment and Sustainable Resource Minister Diana McQueen held a news conference Tuesday, one day after a CBC News investigation raised questions about the province's failure to act on the report's recommendations.

McQueen said that the government has acted on 13 of 18 recommendations in the report, including boosting flood mapping systems.


Environment and Sustainable Resource Minister Diana McQueen discussed the government's implementation of the 2006 flood mitigation report on Tuesday. (CBC)

The panel, which was chaired by former Progressive Conservative MLA George Groeneveld, estimated it would cost $306 million to implement the recommendations.

McQueen would not say how much money the government has spent so far.

"We are doing a lot of work to ensure we can plan for, and respond to, events as effectively as possible," she said.

"And we plan to continue that work as we finish implementing the recommendations of the Groeneveld report."

The report also recommended a ban on new development on or near flood plains. McQueen said that the government is working with municipalities on that.

The report was completed in November 2006 but wasn't released until a long weekend in late July 2012.