Occupy Edmonton demonstrators who have set up camp in a downtown park have been allowed to stay for at least another night.

Protesters believed property owner Melcor Developments wanted them out by 10 a.m. Tuesday.  An hour before the deadline, protesters say they were told they could stay another 24 hours.

The president of Melcor Developments, Ralph Young, said his company never set a deadline.

"We had expressed to them previously that we would have preferred that they relocate their protest to another location but we have never expressed that there was any time frame or any threat to have them move," Melcor Developments President Ralph Young said Tuesday.

"We've had communication with them. They've requested that they be allowed to stay further and we have said to them that there is not a requirement to leave today."

Protesters set up camp on the small plot of land at 102nd Street and Jasper Avenue on Saturday. Local protests have been inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement that started in New York City last month.

Young said his company will continue to consult with Occupy Edmonton and review the situation on a daily basis.