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    Posted: Aug 21, 2015 10:45 AM MT


Lastest Clips

  • Monday May 22, 2017

    Audio Volvo of Edmonton Hoops Showcase

    We get the scoop on a big basketball tournament that came by the Saville Sports Center in Edmonton this past weekend.

    Listen 6:25
  • Monday May 22, 2017

    Audio The Summer of 2017

    We sit down with a climatologist to discuss what we can expect for Edmonton in terms of weather this coming summer.

    Listen 6:47
  • Monday May 22, 2017

    Audio Victim of intricate scam out six figures.

    A man from England is reeling after being scammed two hundred thousand dollars over several years. Our GoPublic team has the story and a warning.

    Listen 8:46
  • Monday May 22, 2017

    Audio Ransomware opens your computer's back door

    so that all sorts of nasty things can get in. We talk with Dana DiTomaso about a cunning new virus that slips inside your computer and opens it up to cyber-attacks.

    Listen 6:37
  • Monday May 22, 2017

    Audio Alberta's hiking hot spots

    Anxious to get outdoors, but not sure what kinds of activities your kids can handle? We'll talk to a blogger who reviews outdoor spaces and gives tips and tricks for tackling activities with kids.

    Listen 6:24
  • Friday May 19, 2017

    Audio CBC fit

    Five things you should know before signing-up for a fitness class. Our CBC fit crew starts breaking down the dirty details of the fitness industry.

    Listen 6:53
  • Friday May 19, 2017

    Audio Local hero

    Crystal Lambert tells us how an evening of playing Pokemon Go near the University of Alberta turned into a rescue mission when she heard a woman screaming for help.

    Listen 6:43
  • Friday May 19, 2017

    Audio Fake money

    Keep a close eye on your money: We spoke with a counterfeit expert on a rather unsophisticated way criminals are turning 5 dollar bills into 50s.

    Listen 6:03



A mix of sun and cloud






A mix of sun and cloud



A mix of sun and cloud





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