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    Posted: Aug 21, 2015 10:45 AM MT


Lastest Clips

  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio An aurora named "Steve"

    U of C professor, Eric Donovan tells us about a newly-identified type of light in the night sky, an aurora named "Steve".

    Listen 8:34
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Trump trade wars

    Canadian lumber producers find themselves in the crosshairs of Donald Trump's trade wars: We spoke with and Alberta's industry association about what a 20% tax on Canadian lumber will mean.

    Listen 5:13
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Fitness column - Cellulite

    Our fitness trainer Jeff Woods talks about how to get rid of cellulite.

    Listen 4:00
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio No parking, no stopping

    The City's crowd-control tactics draw complaints after people find their cars towed during an Oilers' road game.

    Listen 5:11
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Farmers woes

    It's supposed to be seeding season for Alberta farmers but that's a hard job to do with all of the white stuff on the ground. We talk to a soil expert about how farmers are dealing with the weather.

    Listen 6:06
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Local marketing

    Some local business owners tell us how they're using offbeat marketing strategies to get their product out to consumers.

    Listen 9:07
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Workplace column - Shrinking space

    Chances are, the place where you work is getting smaller. Margot Ross-Graham tells us why.

    Listen 6:01
  • Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Audio Foreign buyers may look to Edmonton market

    There are new taxes for foreign buyers on housing out west, and now out east. We talk to a real estate market expert about why that could push foreign investors to the centre and drive up the market here in Edmonton.

    Listen 5:45


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