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    Posted: Aug 21, 2015 10:45 AM MT


Lastest Clips

  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio Dog breeder bust

    We talk to a woman who adopted a dog from and Edmonton breeder and later put the dog down because it was too sick to survive.

    Listen 7:01
  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio Homeless in need of winter clothing

    The need for warm winter clothing is rising as homeless aide organizations feel the pinch with temperatures dipping below the minus 20 degree mark.

    Listen 4:10
  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio Fitness column - Weight gain during the holidays

    Our fitness guru Jeff Woods tells us the recipe for holding the line during the holidays.

    Listen 5:38
  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio Price of food to rise

    Where food prices might go in the coming year. We hear from the lead author of Canada's Food Price Report.

    Listen 5:08
  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio How mail carriers keep warm

    Temperatures continue to drop in the capital region but some jobs have to be done outside. We talk to a local mail carrier about his tricks to stay warm on the job.

    Listen 5:13
  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio More carfentanil deaths

    Alberta confirms 15 deaths from the powerful opioid carfentanil since September. One expert says it's even much bigger than that.

    Listen 4:56
  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio Standing Rock standoff

    An Edmonton woman just returned from Standing Rock. We ask her about what the latest Dakota Access pipeline decision means for opposition to pipelines in Canada.

    Listen 6:01
  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio Workplace column - changes

    Making change at work is not for the faint of heart. We spoke with our workplace columnist, Margot Ross-Graham, about how you can time those changes to maximize success.

    Listen 6:46


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