Residents in the Prince Charles in north Edmonton are hoping to have more garage and garden suites scattered around the neighbourhood.

Currently, such infill housing suites are only allowed on corner lots or directly beside parks, which some residents say has led to more duplexes in the area.

The Prince Charles Community League is hoping to get rid of that restriction through a pilot project pitched to the city.

“We felt that it was a good alternative for this city to be able to increase density but still keeping the streetscape,” said Kim Olson, president of the Prince Charles Community League. “It was an option that we wanted our community to have.”

The city’s executive committee approved the pilot project Wednesday morning. The project now needs City Council to approve a by-law change in order for the it to move forward.

Prince Charles residents approached Councillor Bev Esslinger with the pilot project idea. She said it’s “an exciting opportunity for the neighbourhood.”

“They can have a rental property and increase the rental value of their home, but still maintain that feel that they’re used to,” she said.

The Prince Charles area is already zoned for duplexes, which was a concern for many residents.

“If you drive around you see a growing number of duplexes,” said Esslinger. “Just square boxes that don’t have the architectural feel [residents] like.”

Scott Mackie of the city’s planning department said at Wednesday’s executive committee meeting that the change would allow homeowners in the neighbourhood to earn extra income through the suite. He also says older residents could potentially choose to build a suite and live in it once their house becomes too much to take care of.

The Prince Charles neighbourhood is north of 118th Avenue between the Yellowhead and 121st Street.