Premier Redford roasted by opposition on anniversary

In the year since Redford's Tories swept to victory, the government has left a trail of broken promises, say Alberta's opposition parties.

Premier has left trail of broken promises and spending waste, parties charge

The CBC's Kim Trynacity looks back at what has changed for the premier since last year's vote 4:19

In the year since Redford's Tories swept to victory, the government has left a trail of broken promises, say Alberta's opposition parties.

That's left Redford without the support of many who voted for her, especially  women, said Edmonton Liberal Laurie Blakeman.

"Every one of them feels personally betrayed and women's votes matter and she got elected by women and those women feel massively betrayed and I agree."

NDP leader Brian Mason believes all progressive voters in Alberta feel betrayed by Redford's broken promises.

Other opposition members argue Redford is not being honest when it comes to her track record

"When Alison Redford is faced with a problem she changes the definition of the problem," Liberal leader Raj Sherman complained.

"She changed the definition of deficits, 'Let's have a structural deficit versus operational deficit,' he said. "She's trying to change or invent a definition of poverty."

While the premier insists the voters gave her a mandate to continue building the province through tough economic times, the Wildrose said they've been able to expose government waste time after time.