Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she is personally disappointed that she had to cancel a visit to Afghanistan.

Redford was in India last week and had planned on flying to Kabul on Friday, a side trip that was left off the public itinerary for security reasons.

Just hours before the premier was to go, terrorists attacked a restaurant in Kabul killing 21 people including two Canadians.

"We made the decision not to of course because of the terrible bombing on Friday which was a personal disappointment to me," Redford said. "I had wanted to be there to see the PPCLI who of course were the first troops in and will be the last out and there's a number of Albertans and Edmonton in particular as a community (that) has been terribly impacted by some losses."

Redford said her plans included looking at some education initiatives that have been put in place by the University of Alberta.

"I was going to have the opportunity to meet with very, very strong, capable, brave women who are doing their very best to advance the cause of human rights and women's rights in Afghanistan," she said.

"I would've been honoured to have been able to help if only to give them some sense of confidence as they move forward through what's going to be a really difficult time in the next year."

Redford says she was invited by the Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons.

The premier is finishing her overseas trip in Switzerland at an economic forum.

Later this week, she is scheduled to take part in a panel discussion with former U.S. vice president Al Gore.

With files from CBC's John Archer