Premier Alison Redford will discuss climate change with former U.S. vice-president and environmentalist Al Gore at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Friday. 

Gore, a Nobel Peace Prize-winner for his work on climate change, has criticized Alberta for how the oilsands have been developed. The two will meet as part of a panel discussion on Friday, where Redford says she hopes to address some of Gore's criticisms.

β€œTo give him the facts and to suggest that as he draws conclusions which are erroneous with respect to the oilsands that he take into account the reality of the production and not the myths of the production,” she says.

Redford says she spends a lot of time in Washington and other parts of the world spreading the message that Alberta is developing its resources in a responsible manner. 

The European Union's climate action commissioner is also supposed to appear on the panel with Redford and Gore.

The Alberta and Canadian government oppose an EU proposal to label oilsands products as dirtier than regular crude oil.

The panel discussion is scheduled to be private so Redford says she will report back on how it went.