The parents of an Edmonton toddler killed last year when a SUV crashed through a restaurant patio testified today at a preliminary hearing for Richard Suter.

Last year, Suter’s bail hearing was interrupted by angry shouts and swears. This time, additional sheriffs were posted in the courtroom and the judge made a point of telling the court that anyone interrupting witnesses would be removed.

Suter is charged with impaired driving causing death and refusing to give a breath sample.

For Geo’s parents, today’s testimony was the result of an emotional marathon.

“A year and two months has passed now and so it's taken some of that initial edginess off and we've been able to try to come to grips with our new reality,” said Geo’s mother Sage Morin outside the Law Courts. 

“Also having the past year to prepare for this has helped keep composure.”

“We're just hoping that justice will be served accordingly as to what happened here. There's nothing that will bring Geo back – but society should understand that there's a certain element of justice that needs to be served,” added Livio Fent, Geo’s grandfather.

Several people in the courtroom were wearing  "Justice for Geo" t-shirts. Outside, yellow, red and blue balloons were tied to trees.

Morin said the t-shirts and balloons are to remind people of her son.

Details of the testimony can't be released because of a publication ban.