Posters that mimic the well-known "Don’t be that guy" campaign against sexual assault have gone up around Edmonton bearing a very different message.

The "Don’t be that girl" poster reads: "Just because you regret a one night stand, doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual. Lying about sexual assault = a crime."

Late Tuesday night a group called Mens Rights Edmonton, a local anti-feminism group, claimed responsibility for the posters.

The ads have also surfaced online which is a disappointment to the people who helped launch the original campaign several years ago.

"I want to make it clear that that is so inaccurate," said Karen Smith, executive director of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton. "It just doesn’t happen."

"Nobody would report sexual assault needlessly because it is a gruelling process to go through."

New data released Tuesday by the Canadian Women’s Foundation show that less than 10 per cent of sexual assaults are reported to the police.

The survey suggests about 19 per cent of Canadians believe women encourage or provoke assault when they are drunk and 15 per cent believe it can be provoked by flirting.