Postal workers in Fort McMurray held a wildcat strike on Wednesday after learning Canada Post plans to hire contractors to handle parcel deliveries.

The workers, who are represented by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, set up pickets outside the postal depot after receiving a letter from management.

Canada Post says the move is necessary because it can’t hire enough workers in a competitive labour market such as Fort McMurray.

The union believes that ten-hour days, a starting wage of $19 an hour, and lack of a northern living allowance have contributed to the problem.

Union local president Dana Gabriel wants the corporation to rescind the letter and revisit the decision.

"Maybe we can have some discussion about how to better serve Fort McMurray residents," he said.

 "There's other ways around this and it's not going to save them any money, it's going to cost them more money. So I don't even know why they’d go in this direction."

CUPW believes the contracting could lead to nine workers losing their jobs but Canada Post says everyone will maintain their job security.