Alberta police chiefs want the province to start handing out demerit points to distracted drivers.

The chiefs have sent a resolution to Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis suggesting that demerit points should be issued in addition to fines.

Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht says the public believes the law isn't having much effect, so increasing the penalty could help.

"People do tend to pay attention when they're losing demerits,"  Knecht said.

While the chiefs are united on the issue, Denis doesn't believe the law needs to be changed, at least not yet.

"I think the message is getting through. But at the same time let's see what the evidence says," he said.

"Maybe the police are right, maybe I'm right. Maybe it's somewhere in the middle.  But I just think that our laws have to be based on evidence rather than the anecdotal comments that you and I may hear from our friends and family."

Denis said he'll review the statistics next summer to see if demerits are needed.