Edmonton Police Services has asked city council for another $17.5 million today to help cover costs for a new station planned for the city’s northwest.

This brings the total cost of the new facility, which has been in the works for five years, up to $100 million.

Speaking Wednesday, police chief Rod Knecht described the current station at Griesbach as being held together by “duct tape and barbed wire.”

He said the additional funds will go towards adding a training facility and arrest-processing centre to the station, which will help relieve pressure on the downtown building, which is often over capacity.

“I can tell you we're not taking some people to jail because there's not enough room,” he said, adding police are not releasing any violent individuals.

If council does not approve the extra cash, Knecht said the processing centre will have to remain downtown.

Council will discuss the matter further in the fall when they address the 2015 budget.