Jerry Hove, a former police constable, is meeting with investigators over his complaints of police wrongdoing. ((CBC))

Allegations of police wrongdoing raised by a former officer are being investigated by the Edmonton Police Service, a police news release said Friday.

Jerry Hove, a constable for a few months in 2003, told a Law Enforcement Review Board hearing he quit the service rather than tell internal affairs investigators about "serious criminal behaviour" he witnessed by fellow officers.

Hove also testified that he was afraid for his safety.

The board allowed Hove's testimony on the condition he not go into specifics about what he saw.

Another former officer, Monique Prefontaine, told the hearing she also witnessed inappropriate behaviour by fellow officers, but was bullied and intimidated for bringing it up.

The hearing has been adjourned until the new year.

The board — an independent quasi-judicial body established under the Police Act — hears appeals for both citizens and police officers separate and apart from the police service involved.