Police have seized six kilograms of cocaine, thousands of dollars and a BMW after searching two Edmonton homes.

In addition to the drugs and $25,000 in cash, Edmonton’s drug and gang enforcement unit also found a number of firearms and a silencer.

"It's not often that we do come across a silencer in our search warrants... so, yeah, it is fairly rare in this case," said Det. Shane Perka.

"It's alarming certainly because there isn't a lot of good purpose for silencers out there."

Police searched the houses after the two men , one 27 and the other 30, were charged.

One of the homes is in north Edmonton, near 165th Avenue and 56th Street, while the other is near 122nd Street and 113 Avenue.

"This is a fairly significant seizure certainly, I would say its mid-upper level seizure. As far as the operation and the network, it's hard for me to say how organized or how big a network it was," said Perka.