Police seek ID of man killed on Gateway Blvd.

Police are trying to identify a young man killed in a pedestrian collision on Gateway Boulevard early Monday morning.
Edmonton police investigate a fatality on Gateway Boulevard Monday morning. (Andrea Huncar/CBC)

Police are trying to identify a young man killed in a pedestrian collision on Gateway Boulevard early Monday morning.

The man, about 20, Asian, small in stature, wearing a red T-shirt and brown khaki pants, was carrying no indentification at the time.

"The individual struck was a young, Asian male, likely around 20 years old," said Sgt. Gary Lamont. "Typically, we would not use an individual’s ethnicity to identify them, unless they have absolutely no ID or cell phone on their person, which is the case here."

The man was on the roadway just south of 34th Avenue when he stepped out in front of a limousine coming from the airport. 

"We're not sure why he was on the roadway," said Sgt Gary Lamont. "We had indications that he may have been intoxicated."

The man was killed instantly. The driver of the limousine and the passenger were not hurt.

Rain made visibility poor at the time, and speed and alcohol were not factors on behalf of the limousine driver, said Lamont. 

Police closed Gateway Boulevard between 23rd and 34th Avenues until just before 7 a.m.

There have been 21 traffic fatalities in Edmonton so far in 2012, nine of which have been pedestrians.

There were 10 fatalities recorded by July 2011, five of which involved pedestrians. In 2011, there were 20 in total; eight involving pedestrians.