Police have charged two men and are looking for two or three others after a north Edmonton man was allegedly assaulted and kidnapped last weekend.

Police say five armed males broke into a northeast Edmonton home around 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

“While in the residence, they took captive of two adult people – one male, one female. They severely beat the male and subsequently sexually assaulted the female,” said Det. Ron Gamble, with the EPS serious crimes section.

“You have appreciate how terrifying it is for the victims – who woke up to find these individuals in their home."

Gamble said the kidnappers then took the man from the home, using the victim’s vehicle, while one of the five attackers remained behind to watch over the other victim.

“At about seven o’clock in the morning, the female in the residence was able to escape with her young child and was able to phone police,” Gamble said, adding the suspect was then apprehended after a pursuit on foot.

The young child was not hurt doing the incident, police said.

EPS Ron Gamble

EPS Det. Ron Gamble described the weekend incident as "an extremely violent series of events," adding, “I can say that the victims have suffered a lot of trauma – both physically and emotionally.” (CBC)

Rescue in the west end

According to a release made by police Tuesday, further investigation then led police to a location in the city’s west end where a second suspect was arrested. The male victim was then rescued from a separate location in the city's north end. 

The man was taken to hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. Police say he spent the night in the hospital and is now back with his family.

Gamble was unable to confirm whether the man had been shot.

“This is an extremely violent series of events that happened,” he said, adding, “I can say that the victims have suffered a lot of trauma – both physically and emotionally.”

Police have not yet been able to determine whether the attack was random or targeted, Gamble said.

He was likewise unable to comment on whether the incident was drug- or gang-related.

“Early indicators would suggest that it is not,” he said. “The best I can say right now is the victims are unknown to the individuals.”

“The motive was definitely money,” he added, but was unable to comment on whether a ransom demand had been made.

Due to a publication ban, we are unable to report specifics on the victims’ identities or residential area.

Charges laid

A 22-year-old man has been charged with kidnapped with a firearm for ransom.

Police have also charged a 23-year-old with kidnapping with a firearm for ransom, unlawful confinement, assault with a weapon, possession of a loaded prohibited weapon,housebreaking and committing aggravated assault, sexual assault with a firearm, breach of order of probation and breach of recognizance.

Both men were known to police and had previous outstanding warrants, said Gamble.

Edmonton police are still looking for two or three other suspects.

“I must reiterate that these individuals are armed and very dangerous,” Gamble cautioned.

Investigators say the suspects may have used a white cube van during the kidnapping, but are also looking for a black, four-door luxury sedan –possibly a BMW or Audi – that was also used.

They are asking for anyone who has more information to call police or Crimestoppers.