Police say girl assaulted in school washroom

Edmonton public schools are reviewing security measures after a young girl told police she was assaulted in a school washroom Monday morning, the second such attack reported in a city school in less than a year.

Edmonton public schools are reviewing security measures after a young girl told police she was assaultedin a schoolwashroom, the second such attack reported ina city school in less than a year.

Two Grade 3 girls were in the bathroom at the Victoria School of Visual and Performing Arts on Monday morning when one girl was assaulted by an unshavenman between 20 and 30 years old, police said.

Police believethe man —described as dark-skinned, of medium buildand five feet eight inchestall —entered the bathroom before the girls arrived.

Police are nowreviewing tapes from surveillance cameras in the school and nearby businesses, said Darryl da Costa, deputy chief of police.

Staff arecurrently working with police to see if there is anything more they can do to improve school safety,said school board spokesperson Lisa Austin.

Under school policy, all doors should have beenlocked, except for the front two doors, which aremonitored with cameras.Students are alsorequired to go to the washroom with a buddy.

"Our business is about children. Our number one priority as a consequence is to make sure those children are safe when they are in our schools," Austin said.

"So every school, as part of that priority and responsibility, works together to assess risk, to look at their security procedures and to work with parents in making sure that their school, in their particular community,[has] security measures in place thatmake sense."

Jane Farrell, a spokesperson for Edmonton's public schools, said Monday thatthey have drafted a letter aboutthe caseto send to parents.

"There will be people on hand if parents want to call," she said.

Second washroomattack reported

This wasn't the first such attack reported in an Edmonton public school.

In April, aGrade 2girl was sexually assaulted by a man hiding in a stall in the girls' washroom at Oliver Elementary School. Police said the girl was grabbed by the man when she went to the washroombefore goingout for recess.

No arrests have been made.

Meanwhile,Edmonton police are investigating an alleged assault on a 12-year-old girl. The girl says she was grabbed from behind and dragged while walking home on Mondayat 4 p.m.

Da Costa said police don't believe the two incidents are related.

He saidchildren should walk in groups and parents should try to walk their children to and from school or the bus stop.