Police investigate another suspicious death downtown

Homicide detectives were investigating another suspicious death just north of downtown Edmonton Tuesday.
Forensics officers in white suits were seen entering the building where the woman was found dead Tuesday morning. (Min Dhariwal/CBC )

A woman whose body was found in a walk-up apartment was discovered by co-workers who were concerned she hadn't shown up at work this week. 

Police were called to a walk-up apartment building near 106th Avenue and 104th Street at around 9:20 a.m. Tuesday morning. The woman's body was inside a suite. 

Staff Sgt. Bill Clark said the woman's death doesn't appear to be connected to others in the neighbourhood. (Min Dhariwal/CBC )
Staff Sgt. Bill Clark said the woman's cause of death is obvious but they are not yet revealing her identity, how she died or when.

Although the nearby area has seen more than its share of recent violence, police say the cases are not connected..

"I know there are concerns about the number of women who have been killed in Edmonton this year, it is an inordinately high number compared to previous years," Clark said. 

"Right now we have no connections on any of the homicides at all. These are all so far individual acts."

Last week, the remains of Lan (Lana) Cam Kasjaniuk, 51, were found in a yard only a few blocks away, near 108th Street and 108th Avenue.

An autopsy has been completed in that case, but police haven't called it a homicide, only that it is considered suspicious. They say determining the cause of death will have to await further testing.

Back in June, Claudia Mary Iron-Howard, 29, died from a stab wound after she was attacked near 106th Avenue and 103rd Street. No charges have been laid.



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