A violent video of two civilians taking down an Edmonton man who stabbed one of them after he allegedly stole from a Wal-Mart has led to a police investigation.

The 26-year-old man had allegedly stolen from the store and two loss prevention officers caught up with him in the parking lot.

The beginning of the video shows two men wrestling with the person believed to be a shoplifter. Eventually, the man pulled out a knife.

After a scuffle, the two men apparently get control of the weapon, wrestle the alleged shoplifter to the ground and hit him repeatedly.

Loss prevention officers are licenced by the province and governed by the Criminal Code, which allows them to arrest without a warrant.

In a release, Wal-Mart said it is concerned for the safety of its customers and associates and is reviewing processes to ensure safety.

The man arrested has a criminal history that includes several charges of shoplifting, theft and fraud, as well as uttering a forged document.