Police ignored 911 call, says fitness trainer

An Edmonton fitness trainer says police ignored her calls for help when two inebriated men harassed her class barricading them in the studio for close to an hour.

Police say call was not an emergency

Edmonton fitness trainer said police promised, but failed to respond, woman tells CBC's Lisa MacGregor 2:23

An Edmonton fitness trainer says police ignored her calls for help when two inebriated men harassed her class barricading them in the studio for close to an hour.  

Cheryl Schneider said two drunk men entered her studio at North Millbourne Community Hall just after 6 a.m. Monday.

They managed to escort the men out, but the pair continued to bang on the door for 45 minutes.

Members of the class, fearing for their safety, barricaded themselves inside, while Schneider called 911.

But despite reassurances they were on their way, police did not arrive for more nearly an hour.

"They lied to me through the whole 40 (minutes), almost hour, saying they were on their way. And they weren't."

Edmonton Police Service said they considered the call a non-emergency and officers were dealing with two other major calls at the time.

"Had the call escalated to where the person had safety issues or there certainly was a crime in process the call would have been raised," said Insp. Blair Edl.

Schneider said she will file a formal complaint.

With files from CBC's Lisa McGregor