Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht says the RCMP has been called to investigate after his police service identified a 16-year-old girl wanted in a warrant crackdown through newspapers and on their website Monday.

The police published the girl's name and picture in advertisement for Operation Warrant Execution without first obtaining a court order — a violation of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

"This was absolutely unacceptable for the Edmonton Police Service, and for this we sincerely apologize to the youth, the family and Edmontonians," Knecht said in a written statement released late Tuesday afternoon.

"This matter requires a full, immediate and transparent investigation. To this end, the Edmonton Police Service is turning the investigation, under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, over to the RCMP. Further, we welcome an investigation by Alberta's Privacy Commissioner."

Edmonton police launched Operation Warrant Execution last month to clear more than 16,000 outstanding warrants.

Scofflaws had until April 2 to turn themselves in before police started revealing their faces and names on the police website and in advertisements.

A police spokeswoman said on Monday that the picture of the girl was published accidentally.