Edmonton's chief of police has apologized to one of the department's former employees who says the racist behaviour of her boss and colleagues forced her to leave her job.

Kathleen Sawdo met face to face with Chief Rod Knecht for over an hour on Friday afternoon.

"The chief did apologize personally, and that was good," she said.

Sawdo, a former civilian employee in the victims services unit, told the Edmonton Police Commission last week that she faced widespread discrimination during her year on the job and was told to be "less aboriginal at work." She quit in March 2011.

Sawdo laid a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. On Friday, the police service announced it will take part in mediation sessions with Sawdo aimed at finding a solution.

In the news release, Knecht thanked Sawdo for what he calls her "valuable input". The release also points to the EPS aboriginal strategy that was launched in November. 

While Sawdo hopes Knecht might make these promises a reality, she says actions speak louder than words

"You made promises before and now you're saying we're doing all this, we're doing all this. And it's the same people who said they were going to do it before," she said. " I have to see it. I see it to believe it." .