Edmonton police say they have arrested members of a north Edmonton street gang that has been robbing and assaulting people at random.

The six, who range in age from 18 to 25, were charged with 65 criminal offences after police searched a house at 136th Avenue and 57th Street last Wednesday.

Investigators found cocaine, cash and drug trafficking paraphernalia like scales, packaging and cell phones.

Police say they were able to make the arrests after following up complaints and tips from the public.

"We thought it was very important that we needed to deal with this group before they got any bigger, got any more organized," said Const. Brian Macaulay.

"And, again, we were able to do that because we had co-operation from members of the community and we were able to take those tips and those comments and put them to use and dismantle this group."

Police said the gang has been operating in the Beverly and Abbotsfield neighbourhoods for about six years and has become increasingly violent.