Police are investigating a suspicious death in the city's west end near 103rd Avenue and 156th Street.

Paramedics were called to the building just after 2:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. They were then seen loading a child into their ambulance before driving away.

Although the police have not yet confirming the age of the child, neighbours — all visibly shaken — said it was a young infant.

Police arrived at the apartment building just after 4:00 p.m.

"Upon arrival, we began an investigation which has now progressed to the point of having homicide come out to check into the investigation as well," said Acting Inspector Erik Johnson.

"It is still very early in the investigation."

Witnesses say two women were escorted out of the suite, but Johnson said that no one has yet been taken into custody.

Shannon Beaverbones is the building manager. She said the child and the mother were guests of one of her tenants.

Several residents said they heard cries coming from the apartment beginning in the early morning and continuing through most of the day.

"I heard a baby crying, but that was pretty much it. I thought nothing of it until I heard that the baby was gone," said resident Faline Beaverbone.

Resident Larry Meechance said he knows the tenant and her family. He described the tenant as a quiet person and a good mother.

"We are fairly close," says Meechance. "We know each other, we visit each other, we help each other out."

The apartment building in question is owned by the O'Chiese First Nation. Residents describe themselves as a close-knit community.

Police are now interviewing neighbours and residents. They say they will know more once an autopsy has been performed.