Pitbull dragged behind truck expected to fully recover

A pitbull who was dragged behind a pickup truck in Edmonton on April 23 is on her way to making a full recovery.
Nalla the pitbull was recently placed with a foster family and will be ready for adoption soon. (CBC)

A pitbull who was dragged behind a pickup truck in Edmonton is on her way to making a full recovery.

Nalla suffered injuries on her toes on April 23 when she jumped out the truck bed while the vehicle was moving. Witnesses say the driver stopped as soon as he realized what happened.

City veterinarian Dr. Milton Ness says all of Nalla’s toes suffered significant injury, similar to third degree burns. At one point, Ness thought she was going to have a permanent disability.

After a number of surgeries and daily bandage changes, she is now expected to make a full recovery.

"She’s a very healthy, very robust dog who’s healed incredibly well," Ness said on Monday.

When Nalla was ready to go to a foster home, animal control contacted the rescue group PItbulls for Life.

Micah Nickerson has had her for less than a week. He calls Nalla a "gem" and a loving, obedient dog.

"It’s going to be hard seeing her go to her forever home," he said.

Nickerson says that Nalla still has one tender foot, but otherwise appears to be fine.

"She’s happy and just glad to be in a good environment," he said. "And lots of love, that’s all she needs."

Allison Noseworthy, the foster coordinator for Pitbulls for Life, says that Nalla will likely stay in her foster home for two weeks.

Nalla's owner voluntarily surrendered her so Noseworthy says people who want to adopt her can fill out an application on her group’s website.

About 100 people have expressed interest so far, but Noseworthy says her group will take the time to go through the applications.

"That’s why we are taking things really slow, to make sure we find the best home for her, not just the first home."

The 33-year-old driver was charged with causing an animal to be in distress, a non-criminal offense, because police believe he was not trying to willfully injure the dog. His court date has been set for June 21.