After days of worrying and waiting, a letter posted online by a news agency in the Philippines brought an Edmonton woman the news she was yearning for.

Pam Gaspang-Bidlock’s immediate family lives in Palo, just outside of Tacloban, the area hardest hit by Typhoon Haiyan last week.

Devastation caused by the storm made it impossible for her to get in touch with them.

Then good news came from out of the blue.

A news agency in the Philippines started posting messages and letters from people desperate to let their families know they had survived.

Gaspang-Bidlock found a message on Sunday morning.

“Opened my laptop, went to Facebook,” she said. “I've been tagged with this letter from my family back home, saying that they are okay and alive and not to worry.”

“We both, we just started crying,” said Pam’s husband Michael Bidlock. “It was really amazing. At least there’s that proof now, we saw handwriting. We recognized the handwriting.”

Gaspang-Bidlock's family survived but lost everything in the storm, including passports, identification and money. The Bidlocks hope to bring them to Canada.

“I just want to bring them here, just to give them a break,” Gaspang-Bidlock said. “To help them heal.”

The couple hopes the federal government will fast-track requests for typhoon victims with family in Canada.