Usman Pervez watched from a nearby apartment building as Ranjit Mangat was killed, guiding the shooter using a walkie-talkie, the driver of the get-away van testified Monday.

Desmond Thomas says Pervez offered him $5,000 to be the driver, although he was only paid $2,000. In court, Thomas pointed out Pervez as the man who hired him.

Michael DeBrocke and Usman Pervez are charged with first-degree murder in Mangat's death. The Crown alleges that Pervez paid DeBrocke $20,000 because he believed Mangat played a role in the drive-by shooting of his younger brother, Adnan Pervez, in December 2000.

Mangat was shot in front of his house in March 2001.

Under cross-examination, Thomas said he is testifying because police offered him a deal where he wouldn't be charged for his role in the slaying. Defence lawyers painted him as a liar with a serious drug problem who was repeating a story police told him.

"The stuff I'm talking about today is clear in my mind," Thomas said.

Thomas told the court that Pervez had initially considered hiring him to kill Mangat, but went with DeBrocke instead. He said because DeBrocke didn't know what Mangat looked like, Pervez used a walkie-talkie to guide him, while Pervez watched from a nearby apartment.

Thomas testified that he heard a couple of gunshots, DeBrocke jumped in the van and they drove to Calgary.

On Friday, the jury was told of a running feud between the Mangat and Pervez families.

Defence lawyers will cross-examine Thomas Monday afternoon.