A man accused of paying for a revenge killing denied his involvement in a police interview, his murder trial heard Monday.

Usman Pervez and Michael DeBrocke are charged with first-degree murder in the death of Ranjit Mangat. The Crown alleges that Pervez paid DeBrocke $20,000 because he believed Mangat played a role in the drive-by shooting of his younger brother, Adnan Pervez, in December 2000.

The jury listened to a taped interview between police detective Brad Doucette and Pervez when he was arrested in the fall of 2001. Mangat was shot in front of his house in March 2001.

Pervez is concerned about his family's safety.

    DOUCETTE: You know the dynamics of the whole situation better than I do.
    PERVEZ: Well, I know there's people trying to kill my family and you know that too. It's all over the news in Edmonton.
    DOUCETTE: We know that you didn't actually pull the trigger.
    PERVEZ: I don't do bad crimes.
    DOUCETTE: We know that you didn't do this one.
    PERVEZ: Exactly. So why do you have me here?
    DOUCETTE: We know that you didn't pull the trigger, but we also know what your involvement is.

In another portion of the tape, Pervez denies any involvement in Mangat's death.

    DOUCETTE: Make no mistake, that's why you and I are here today and that's because of Ranjit Mangat's murder. That's what you are being charged with.
    PERVEZ: That's what I'm being charged with?
    DOUCETTE: What did you think you're being charged with?
    PERVEZ: I don't know.
    DOUCETTE: Are there some other murders that you're not telling us about?
    PERVEZ: No, I'm not a murderer. No, I don't do things like that.

Earlier in the trial, the jury heard a gang unit officer describe a summer of violence between the Mangat and Pervez families.