A fly-away budgie has been safely returned to his owner one week after flapping away at the Edmonton International Airport, and it’s all thanks to a well-placed Kijiji ad.

When Perry the budgie went missing last week, his owner Adi Chaudhuri thought he’d never see him again.

Chaudhuri was picking up his roommate at the Edmonton International Airport. Perry usually likes to sit on Chaudhuri’s shoulder — but when he got out of the car, the budgie flew away.

“He just took off right away," he said. "Being in open air there was nothing to stop him." .

“We searched for hours, the first thing I did was put an ad on Kijiji saying this is my bird, and we put some pictures,  And we made it a top ad so anyone would see.”

Then the waiting began.

“The scariest part was if Perry didn't make it out there because he's not a wild bird," Chaudhuri said. "My biggest hope was if we don't find him, at least he'd find someone." 

Perry eventually landed on the shoulder of an Air Canada employee. The woman thought the bird was too friendly to be a wild bird, and may belong to someone.

She contacted a friend who suggested she check online to see if anyone was missing a budgie.

The woman eventually came across the Kijiji ad and reunited Chaudhuri with his bird.

Chaudhuri said Perry is still the same old bird he was before he went missing.

“I thought he would change, but he is back to all his shenanigans,” Chaudhuri said.

“It takes time to forgive, but he is back. He is so capable of forgiving and so capable of love.”