People who live near the Imperial Oil refinery in Strathcona County have until Tuesday to voice their concerns about gas-fired cogeneration plant proposed for the site.

Imperial Oil wants to build the plant on its property between Sherwood Park and the east Edmonton.

The Alberta Utilities Commission is seeking input from surrounding neighbourhoods but notices were delivered a few days ago, leaving residents with less than a week to file a submission. 

The AUC is apologizing and says the short notice wasn’t part of the plan. 

"The mailer, for some reason, just didn't appear in some of the neighbourhoods. I'm trying to figure out why,” said AUC spokesman Jim Law.

“I know that it left our office on June 20th ...somewhere between the printer and the post office there is a lengthy delay."

Bob Huchinson with the Ottewell Community League got his notice last week.  While he personally has no problems with the project, he says the short notice doesn’t give residents enough time to comment.

"Because it's the summer season, school just got out the end of June and that’s it, right?" he said.

Jason Turner says notice of at least one month would give people more time. However, he believes there are better methods of communicating.

“They’re just taking the easy way out,” he said. “It makes them get their stuff done faster without actual concern getting out there.”

Imperial Oil says it complied with requirements for informing the public. A meeting was held earlier this year and an ad was placed in a community newspaper.