In 100 years, Albertans will open a time capsule at the legislature to find pennies, pictures, newspapers and century-old predictions of what the future might hold.

Bible discovered in centennial time capsule at Alberta Legislature

A tattered bible was discovered in the water-damaged time capsule at Alberta Legislature earlier this year. A ceremony is being held Wednesday as a new time capsule is sealed. (Lydia Neufeld, CBC News)

The items are being placed in a 2112 time capsule in the northeast corner of the legislature in a ceremony being presided over by Speaker Gene Zwozdesky.

The ceremony is the end of celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the legislature building.

The items were picked by more than 6,000 Albertans in polls done both online and in person.

Last fall, Premier Alison Redford was on hand to open the time capsule placed in the cornerstone when the legislature was being built in 1909.

Redford found newspapers stained by water leakage, a penny, a brittle Bible, and a sheepskin scroll.