The Alberta Progressive Conservatives may end the tradition of allowing federal Conservative MPs to vote at the provincial party's annual general meeting.

PC party members will vote on the resolution Saturday at this year's AGM in Calgary. If passed, it would remove the voting privileges on provincial party matters automatically enjoyed by federal Conservative MPs.

The resolution reflects a schism that became apparent during last spring's provincial election when some Alberta Conservative MPs supported provincial Wildrose candidates.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford acknowledged that there are no longer direct links between the federal and provincial parties.

"Politics in Alberta has been getting quite interesting and we know that during the provincial election that there were people who had all sorts of memberships in all sorts of parties working on different campaigns," she said.

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith said many federal Conservatives support her party because its more in line with their beliefs.

"It's reflecting the reality that there are a lot of federal Conservative MPs who are conflicted about which party is the true voice of conservatism," she said. "Some still support the PCs; some clearly support the Wildrose."

The AGM starts on Friday and wraps up Saturday. Party members will also discuss possible changes to how the party conducts leadership races.