In the long, slow process to find out who killed Paula Stiles, RCMP investigators are now sorting through numerous videos and photos taken by people in the area on April 14 and 15.

"The investigators have been looking at that material," said  Insp. Gibson Glavin. "We're not expecting it to show a particular person. We're more looking for things that help identify activity or people around who might have witnessed something. We hope we might get something out of that."

Glavin said police have identified a "wide cast" of people who could have killed Stiles. They are working now to eliminate people from that list to help focus the investigation.

Police say they have heard reports that some teenagers were seen in the area around the time of the killing.

Glavin stressed that they are not suspects.

"We have some information that there may have been teenage skateboarders around that area too," he said. "And that they may have heard or seen something that they don't know the significance of. We hope that if we can identify them and speak to them briefly, we can find out whether or not that have something that could help us."

Stiles, 44, was killed in her Sherwood Park home April 14.

The mother of three had separated last year from her husband, Ken Haeberle. The couple had three young daughters aged 6 to 13.

RCMP spent Monday searching more than one property in Strathcona County in connection with the homicide.

That search followed another conducted over the weekend by about 20 RCMP officers on an another property in the area.