The parking lot at the Terwillegar Recreation Centre is so full that people have been parking illegally on nearby roads.

Parking enforcement coordinator Erin Blaine says more vehicles are ticketed at Terwillegar than at any other recreational centre in the city.

"About 95 per cent of the time we attend, we find a violation," she said.

On paper, the centre doesn’t appear to lack parking. The southwest Edmonton facility, which opened in January 2011, has more than 1,000 spaces. But users say it’s still challenging to find a spot.

"It's always bad. I mean I come at six in the morning during weekdays and you're parking far," said Tasia Wieskewich.

"The facility is a victim of its own success," said Coun. Bryan Anderson. "We’ve got more people using it than were planned for. Perhaps we need to find a way to provide more parking."

Anderson, the councillor for the area, tried to lobby for more spots. He wants the recreation centre to partner with nearby schools so users can use their lots on evenings and weekends.

"It's not fair to provide a very attractive set of facilities... and then say now we're going to punish you because you’re parking where you shouldn't," he said.

The city has no plans to add any more parking spots and wants people to take the bus to the Leger Transit Centre.