Catholic school parents in Edmonton welcome a move by trustees to suspend fees for instructional items next year.

"Especially now with the economy, not everybody's working," said Melissa Zari Wednesday outside St. James Catholic School. "That extra money does help out."

Zari has one child in school. She said having approximately $200 freed up to spend elsewhere is a help.

Melissa Zari Edmonton

"It's great for all the families that need it," said Melissa Zari. (CBC)

"I think it's a great idea. It's great for all the families that need it." 

Edmonton's Catholic school trustees agreed Tuesday night to suspend school fees, starting in September.

Suspending school fees will especially help parents who don't earn a lot of money but have several children in school, said Chokri Oueslati, father of two.

"It's very helpful for us," he said.

Roselyn Delroserio, who has two boys in school, is also very happy.

"It's a big thing for us." she said.

Eggen applauds move

Minister of Education Dave Eggen said Wednesday that a number of school boards have put forward policies to reduce instructional school fees.

"‚ÄčThis is very encouraging," Eggen said. "The action taken by Catholic school trustees is a helpful sign."

His department will work closely with all school boards to look for ways to reduce school fees, he added.‚Äč

Eggen said the government's strategy on school fees will be revealed in April's provincial budget.

Notley also spoke to the issue Wednesday. 

She said while some school boards that have worked hard to keep school fees to a minimum, others have not, so simply back filling school fees ignores the inequity between jurisdictions.

"We need to get to a better outcome, but it's not as simple or as fast as we'd hoped," she said.