After rejecting online gaming only a few years ago, the government of Alberta is getting ready to roll the dice.

Too much money is being left on the table when it comes to Internet gambling sites and Alberta needs to cash in, says Bill Robinson, CEO of the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission.

"We estimate that there's well over $100 million that that leaves Alberta,” he said. “Albertans are currently playing online gaming.”

Gary Smith, of the Alberta Gambling Research Institute, is betting that the timing of the announcement is not a coincidence given the province’s economic situation.

“They're looking at new ways to raise revenue, so I'm not surprised,” he said.

Smith worries about the accessibility that online gaming provides to problem gamblers.

But Robinson said the government owes it to Albertans to offer updated and modern gaming environments.

“We continue to strive to modernize and to look at new ways to provide the experience that Albertans want."

However, the provincial cabinet must go all in before Albertans can begin to ante up.