One man is dead and another man is in hospital after a shooting near Whyte Avenue early Sunday morning.

Police were called to the area of 81 Avenue and 105 Street around 2:40 a.m. for reports of a shooting.

When they arrived, police found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. Edmonton Police Service spokeswoman Cheryl Sheppard confirmed a man believed to be in his 30s died in hospital. The other man remains in hospital, with serious but non life-threatening injuries.

EPS Staff Sgt Duane Hunter said that an argument started inside the bar and then moved outside where "many shots were fired." Hunter said that the EPS have one suspect in custody in regards to the shooting. 

"The suspect that we have now… is a male, he is an East Indian man in his 30s," he said. 

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Heavy police presence Sunday morning

Theodore Fox said he was walking home from a friend's house at around 3 a.m. Sunday when he noticed a heavy police presence along 108 Street, south of Whyte Avenue. 

"We've got some really good leads, some excellent witnesses, a lot of cooperation from people out there." - Staff Sgt. Bill Clark

"About every second street, there was a police car stationed, just sitting there with the lights on," he said. "And there was the [helicopter] overhead, very low, I was surprised. Seemed to be some action going on."

Fox said other than police, there weren't many bystanders around at that point. Police were posted on "every corner" in the residential side streets in the area, he said. 

"There was almost nobody around. There was a taxi cab and other than that it was a lot of police," Fox said. "I saw at least six vehicles and the copter."

Police remained on scene in front of Tribute Lounge just off Whyte Avenue Sunday morning.

The side street was taped off, and yellow evidence markers were strewn along the road and sidewalk in front of the bar. 

Believed to be gang related, police say

EPS Staff Sgt. Bill Clark said despite having no suspects in custody, the investigation is moving along quickly. 

Clark said early indications show the shooting is possibly gang related. 

"That's an early indication, but very brazen to do stuff like that, alcohol fuelled argument or whatever was going on out there, just outside the bar doors," Clark said. "Pretty brazen what you're doing in front of all those people."

Clark said the public has been helpful in the hours since the shooting.

"We've got some really good leads," he said. "Some excellent witnesses, a lot of cooperation from people out there, so that's been good."