The Uber of alcohol delivery has brought the party to Edmonton.

Drizly, a Boston-based booze delivery startup app, made its first international foray into Edmonton on Thursday. For a flat $5 delivery fee, Drizly will deliver almost anything sold by Liquor Depot or Liquor Barn stores to almost anywhere in Edmonton, within one hour.

Edmonton proved an attractive market for the service because of its demographic of young professionals accustomed to other popular on-demand services, such as Uber, said Drizly spokeswoman Kerin Horgan.

"It kind of just made sense for us. These are people that, maybe on Friday night, they're coming home and the last thing they want to do is make an additional stop," Horgan said. "So why not have Drizly deliver their wine for the weekend when they get home on Friday afternoon?"

First launched in 2012, the app is free to download and users can easily find their favourite bottles through a search bar or by tapping on categories, including beer, wine and liquor. An "extras" tab offers other items such as red solo cups and ice alongside bottles of Captain Morgan and flats of Molson Canadian. All products are sold at retail cost and the app is constantly updated with liquor stores' current inventory.

App users must purchase a minimum of $20, but aside from how much can fit in the delivery vehicle, there's no limit on how much customers can purchase.

Orders delivered anywhere within Anthony Henday Drive

Drivers employed by Liquor Depot and Liquor Barn will make the deliveries and scan IDs upon arrival.

"Because these are liquor store employees, they are trained to do this checking, as they would in a retail store at checkout," Horgan said. "They kind of know what to look for, especially in a scenario where a consumer is too intoxicated or something like that, they're prepared for and have the ability to decline a delivery."

The app currently runs in partnership with four Liquor Depot and Liquor Barn locations in Edmonton. Orders can be made every day between 2:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. and are delivered anywhere within Anthony Henday Drive. 

The app typically runs in tandem with liquor store hours, but Horgan said the company will soon consider expanding its hours and delivery zone in Edmonton.

"We see our peak hours range from five to seven or five to eight," she said. "As the market (expands) and we get more visibility and more orders, we'll kind of shift those hours for demand."