With the Grand Final of the ITU World Triathlon Championship less than three months away, some athletes received training advice from Edmonton's Paula Findlay.

Findlay, an Olympic triathlete, met with cyclists at William Hawrelak Park Saturday morning to share some race tips. 

Participants asked Findlay questions covering everything from what to eat during a race to how much to train in the days leading up to it.

"A lot of [people] are curious about my own tools and tips in my races because I've done so many triathlons," she said. "I've kind of dialed in what works for me and they are curious what elite athletes do."

Findlay is excited to have the World Triathlon Championship held in her own backyard.

"It's in these iconic cities across the world every year and this year, the Grand Final is in Edmonton, Alberta, my hometown," she said. "To think about it gives me goosebumps."

Looking forward

Findlay participated in the 2012 London Olympics and finished in last place, a result she was disappointed in.

While she still thinks about that race, she has put it behind her and is focused on qualifying for the upcoming championship in Edmonton.

Paula Findlay

Paula Findlay shared triathlon training tips to cyclists at Hawrelak Park Saturday morning. (CBC News)

"I have thought about it endlessly and gone back and forth so many times," she said of the Olympics. "There's a lot to learn from it and take forward, things I won't do against and things I'll make sure I'll do again."

While Findlay continues to train, she enjoys helping other eager triathletes.

"That's one of the cool things about this sport that I love," she said. "There's a big mix of different distances, different age group and anyone can do it."