The Wildrose is using comments made in 2005 by PC leadership candidate Jim Prentice to support the party’s call for a public inquiry into provincial government spending.

The Wildrose and NDP called for an inquiry last week after Auditor General Merwan Saher released a critical report into the expenses of former Premier Alison Redford. But the idea was rejected by the Prentice campaign. 

Prentice, a former Conservative MP, openly supported the work of the Gomery Commission looking into the Liberal sponsorship scandal, Wildrose MLA Kerry Towle said Tuesday.

“By rejecting a public inquiry, the Jim Prentice of 2014. is essentially condoning the kind of mismanagement scandal and abuse he used to despise not that long ago,” Towle said.

The Wildrose released four quotes from Prentice made in the House of Commons which it said was made in relation to Gomery.

However, one of the quotes made by Prentice about the public wanting “sunlight as a disinfectant in the miscarriage of justice” was about his support for an inquiry into the 1985 Air India crash which killed 329 passengers and crew, 280 who were Canadian.

The Wildrose admits that it made a mistake on that quote.