OK to hit women if angry, 8% of Alberta men say

A new survey completed for the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters offers some dramatic stats on attitudes toward domestic violence.

Eight percent Alberta men believe it's okay to physically assault a woman if she does something to make him angry, says a survey for the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters.

Jan Reimer, with the Alberta Council of Women's Shelter, believes attitudes to domestic violence are changing. (CBC)

Leger Marketing interviewed 1,000 Alberta men over the age of 18.

And while 56 per cent said they are more aware of domestic violence issues than they were five years ago, the survey found some less positive attitudes.

The vast majority of Alberta men surveyed feel it's never acceptable to hit a woman.  

The findings reflect cultural change, said Jan Reimer, with the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters.

"If someone were to light up a cigarette right now in an office building, years ago that would have been acceptable," she said. "Now, someone would come and say, 'hey that's not okay.'

"And I think we need to look at the same thing in terms of abusive behaviours towards women."

The survey was completed via telephone between February 6 and 27, 2012 with 1,000 men, 18 years of age or older, living in Alberta.

The survey has a margin of error of +/-2.5%, 19 times out of 20.