An Edmonton Oilers fan wants an apology from the hockey club after security guards allegedly ordered him to remove a duct tape message on his jersey that read: "Trade Lowe."

"It was just total humiliation. It made me ashamed to be an Edmonton Oiler fan," said Robert Vaughan, a season ticket holder with the Oilers.

A spokesman for the NHL club said they're looking into Vaughan's complaints, but maintained they reserve the right to remove material they feel is disturbing or offensive.

Vaughan said he went to Tuesday night's game with his nephew so they could watch Mark Messier's No. 11 being raised to the rafters.

On the back of the jersey he was wearing, Vaughan had spelled out in duct tape the words "Trade Lowe," a commentary on general manager Kevin Lowe's decision to trade player Ryan Smyth to the New York Islanders earlier in the day.

Not leaving until letters removed: Vaughan

After Vaughan entered Rexall Place, he and his nephew were quickly escorted to a small room in the basement of the building by two security guards.

"We were not leaving that room unless those letters came off," he said. "It was very argumentative and it was getting to a point where something silly like being physical and that. And I'm here with my nephew.

He said he removed the duct tape and watched the game. But Vaughan said it was "unlawful confinement and he felt violated."